Traditional Okinawan Shorei Ryu

About Our Classes

The USAMA Dojo has a longstanding partnership with Iron Rail Gymnastics. If you would like to sign up for karate classes with the USAMA you can do so through Iron Rail Gymnastic's registration system.

Our karate classes emphasize the development of proper form and technique as well as strength, flexibility, self-discipline, and self defense. Proper dojo etiquette, cultural traditions, and our style's history are also taught at USAMA.

About The Shorei Ryu Style

The style of karate taught at The United States Academy of the Martial Arts (USAMA) is Shorei Ryu, a traditional Japanese/Okinawan style, which has its roots in the Chinese system Hsing Yi (an internal soft style martial art), and the Japanese system Okinawan Te (an external hard style). Shorei Ryu is a blended style of both a hard and soft style martial art.

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