Girls Team Level 1

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Level 1s receiving medals at a home meet

Level 1


Team introduces kids to competitive gymnastics. The beginning level team program is like what t-ball is for baseball. It introduces children to the sport in a fun atmosphere while teaching them the basics of the sport. Level 1’s have two two-hour practices per week.

Here is some information you might find useful when considering joining team

What do the levels mean?

The levels correspond to the difficulty of gymnastics an athlete can perform. The levels go from 1 to 10. Levels 1-5 are compulsory levels which means every gymnast nation wide learns the same routines for their level. Levels 6-10 are optional levels which means gymnasts and coaches construct custom routines for each gymnast that follow certain rules for their level.

Team seems expensive would it be better to just do a class once a week?

Actually the rate for team is a much better deal, the rate per hour for team is substantially cheaper than any other class on the schedule.

Will my daughter have to participate in competition?

As a beginner team member girls are not required to compete until they are up to speed with the team and are comfortable with the skills and routines. This usually happens in the second half of their first year. Competitions are meant to be exciting events that build team spirit, encourage girls to work towards their goals in practice, and help build self confidence from an early age. They are not meant to me a source of stress or pressure, especially for beginners.

How do I know if gymnastics is the right sport for my child?

As long as your child is active, improving, and having fun, then they are participating in an activity that is good for them. Even if your child does not choose to do gymnastics for the long term, the strength, flexibility, and coordination they gain from participating will be a great advantage in any sport and their general health.

When can my daughter start team?

Our practices are always open to new students, even half way through the season. If you are not sure if your daughter would like team, you are welcome to try a practice with no obligation. Just call the office and let ask when would be a good time to try.


Our School Year Programs are available September 2022 through June 2023 at the following times.

Girl's Team Level 1 Non-Sanctioned

3:30 - 4:20 pm
11:00 - 12:50 pm

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