June Calendar, Recreational Exhibition, and last day of Classes

Tuesday, Jun 18th, 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm
Thursday, Jun 20th, 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm
  • Iron Rail Gymnastics Academy
  • 91 Grapevine Rd
  • Wenham, MA 01984
Recreational Gymnasts receiving a medal and certificate of completion at Iron Rail's annual Rec Exhibition

It’s time for the end of the year Recreation Exhibition!!

The time has once again come for our annual end of the year recreation exhibition for our recreational and pre-team classes. This is a fun afternoon where family and friends are invited to come and watch your son or daughter perform. All of the kids have been working very hard preparing skills and routines to show off. The kids will be doing a small demonstration on vault, bars, floor, and trampoline. At the end we will be having an awards ceremony where the kids will receive a special award for all of their hard work.

2019 Schedule

This year we will be holding 2 exhibitions!

Rec Exhibition #1 will be held at 3:30 on Tuesday, June 18th. This exhibition is for:

  • All Boys Recreation
  • Mon. Girls Rec
  • Tues. Girls Rec
  • Sat. Girls Rec

Rec Exhibition #2 will be held at 3:30 on Thursday, June 20th. This exhibition is for:

  • All Pre Team Girls
  • Wed. Girls Rec
  • Fri. Girls Rec

(Your rec exhibition will be the last day of your class. Students must be enrolled for the month of June to attend the exhibition.)